Eighteen Years To Prove

The straw that broke the camels back,
   the bean that tipped the can,
   this "fair" system's out of whack,
   on everything a ban.
A baby Singapore in the making,
   one misdemeanor and you're gone,
   under this strain my spirit's breaking,
   I can't stand this for very long.
Beating on the only gruop,
   that doesn't have a say,
   a deathly circle, a vicious loop,
   like dogs we're told to sit and stay.
Like sheeps to a shearer we are led,
   our rights shorn in a single snip,
   to obey without qustion we are bred,
   without giving any lip.
One rule after another,
   piled upon our  backs,
   one followed by yet another,
   piled like flour sacks.
When will they ever learn,
   that thier laws only make things worse,
   the forbidden fruit is the sweetest,
   shit, being young is a curse.
Why the hell won't they admit,
   that its not for our "protection"
   they are just scared of our shit,
   it's *not* out of affection.
Apparently the constitution in truth,
   does not apply to this generation of mine,
   cause it takes eighteen years to prove,
   that we qualify!!!!

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