I don't try to be pretty, no,
lipstick doesn't mean I care,
just cause I spend more than 5 minutes on my hair, 
doesn't mean I give a shit,
so fuck you too.
I'm not pretty no,
I'm not cute, 
there are a few that would dispute,
but no... I'm not.
I'm not real smart,
yeah I got my part it a couple things,
I can't sing for shit, couldn't tell you a low E from a high A,
fuck I face everyday,
with dirt on my face from the week before.
I don't stand out, not anymore,
I'm just average in a big big world,
with all the pretty boys and girls,
that give a shit and try to learn,
they can fucking burn.
I'm not angry no,
but everyone seems to think so,
you know, when I say something they don't like,
they call me a bitch or a whore or a dyke,
sure I care but they'll never see me cry.
No I'll just keep masking pretending to be desensitized,
hiding behind my lies cause,
I ain't pretty, I ain't smart,
I ain't angry,
No I'm not a work of art,
I'm me ... you say I'm not free
I'm inclined to agree,
but I'm me and I have a window in my cell,
you have nothing but your warped values in this hell,
I can see out, I know what I'm about,
so run away run away, bury yourself in your smoke,
I hope you choke...
cause you care, and I don't...
try to be pretty.

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