Better Off

You started every letter,
"hey babe" and then went on to explain 
why you couldn't come to visit,
you fed me all that bullshit and well...
I beleived you.
SO I was the only one?
seems to me this was just fun for you,
you said you loved me,
so many times,
did you ever really mean it,
and when you cried over the phone,
was that just another way to hone on in,
to my weakness for sensetive guys?
My heart gets all tight when you say my name,
could you ever say the same?
I sound normal when I talk to you,
you think it's just a show,
you know I never realized how UNperfect you were,
until you said "I have to walk away"
My world shattered with five little words,
I was killed and left to the birds,
and I thought I couldn't live without you,
week followed week and then I realized,
I'm better off without you.
So today I'm strong,
but for how long?
Will I break down tomorrow?
Don't flatter yourself,
you still matter but not as much...
I'm reading your old letters,
and I just keep saying I'm better,
off without you.

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