Burnt Memories

It would seem my love should be,
somewhere else but can't you see,
it happens to be stuck to you,
stuck hard and fast with superglue.

Rainbows and candy melt into one,
I try to hide but there is no where to run,
if I could I would have cried,
I tried to run, but there was no where to hide.

Your name is carved into my heart,
forever after you'll be a part,
of me every single day,
for my sins I'm forced to pay

I may not love you 5 years from now,
It's very likely though I don't see how,
but you will remainn forever in my mind,
unpleasant memories too unkind.

And maybe I'll cry. maybe I'll weep,
maybe I'll torture myself to sleep,
opening the healing sore,
but you'll be with my forever more.

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