The Candy Man Can

Butterflies are screaming,
cause the little girls and boys are dying,
all alone on the black asphalt,
cause ther sucked the gasoline lollipops,
that the Candy Man handed out,
the Candy Man can,
do anything he damn well pleases.
They drank the cider from the silver spoon,
over a red candle,
and they set thier candy cane pipes on fire,
they got all dizzy and sick,
and Mushroom ladies danced before their eyes.
The Candy Man can,
The Candy Man can,
kill you in a second,
with his poison honey,
with the help of the Tamborine Man,
they walk the streets arm in arm,
and play songs and give candy to the little children,
not safe in their beds.
The butterflies scream,
and they all die.

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