About Me And My Ever So interesting Life (yeah right)

Name: Laura

Birthdate: March 28, 1984

Age: Figure it out for yourself you lazy bum!

Hair color: It changes ever so often but it's sort of brown with a few red highlights.

Eyes: Green, green. A very boring green.

Hobbies: Beading, making money, babysitting, reading, poetry, writing, ummmmmmm, normal teenage stuff. OOh OOh walking on Ventura Blvd with my friends. (you know who you are)

Best friends: I am not going to put anything specific down here just cause I might forget someone, but ya'll know who you are!!

Most Embararassing moment: well I don't get embarrased easily, but.... well It changes every week so ask me.

Nicknames: Killer Tomato, KT, Lauris (only Valerie is allowed to call me that) Laurs, Daria Girl (from Hess Kramer) Computer Chick (again, Hess Kramer) Aura (baby cousins who can't pronounce my name) Hey You, The Girl With The Glasses (my old old old relative or something who can't remember my name) and that's basically it.


Least Favorite place: Hess Kramer, Supercamp, Hess Kramer, Supercamp, oh and did I mention Hess Kramer and Supercamp?

Marital Status: DUH!!

Peircings: One in each ear.

Tattoos: Nope

Favorite TV show(s): Ally McBeal and X-Files

Favorite Movie(s): Bio-Dome (anything with Pauly Shore really) and ummmm. . . . this is really cliche, but TITANIC, NOT because of Leo though..... and it's not the nekkid scene either you pervs.

All Time Favorite quote(s): "Fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity" "There's nothing like unrequited love to ruin the taste of a peanut butter sandwich" - Charlie Brown

Quote of the year: "Senor Garbanzo? what the f**k is this? Isn't that a bean or something??" -Ilana Welch

Laura The Queen Of The World

United States

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