Cradle Will Fall

Chewing the night sky,
the young vagrants...
eyes dilated, 
swallowing neon lights.

pale lines of powder 
into hungry nostrils.

I'm breathing 
under water tonight,
my arms turning cotton 
under an orange half moon.

I spent the day missing you,
a slow ache of sadness
one constant thought in all the others
crowding through my mind.

Passing out 
on a Hollywood street corner,
then again 
in the car.

Veins, thick with smoke,
heart, beating black blood
as the strings of my smile
unravel into my hands.

I'm spending the night 
missing you,
the feel of your laughter in my mouth,
your palm cradled in mine.

I leave a wake of broken tongues behind me,
in hopes you'll follow 
in spite of what flapping lips scream 
into the rubbery night.

I want you to cradle me
through these blackouts.
Cradle my head, cradle my heart
cradle will rock...

Cradle will fall.

My Subliminal Guide To Insanity: