Drain Me

On the edge of the edge of revelation
every word that comes to me I push away.
I live by the phrase "I'm always dispensable"
I wouldn't quite call this misery...
the quiet collusion,
between me, myself, and I,
to let whats left living of me die,
softly embraces solitude,
All I ask, all I want,
is to be drained of all emotion,
let me be empty,
let my eyes close without,
a blood tipped nightmares intrusion.
into my wakeful sleep.
Drain me,
of all pain,
Drain me like,
rain off a rooftop.
Words do not vanquish my eternity,
as your love never soothed my agony,
let me be
pain free,
what's left?
A slain me, so please....
Drain me.

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