Dropping Eggs

I. Sheets crumpled 
into shadow blossoms,
you and I curled together 
under the glow of my alarm clock.

to the rythm of your heartbeat
as I try again 

to juggle 
all my eggs 
into my hundreds 
of different baskets.

II. You make me the best
you make me the worst
you make more or less
feel the last of first.

Don't you know
so many have lain, curled
in the folds of my caring
sleeping in my arms?

III. I watch you dress
groping for your socks, then the door.
kiss me goodbye 
as you zip your jeans.

I hear your motor 
start outside
and curl naked and quiet 
deep in my covers

Trying again.
not to make any plans.
Or drop
any eggs.

(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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