Eternal Twilight

Eternal twilight surrenders,
to a tired sun rising,
city lights make for a smoky gray,
with night and

Infinite grayness cascades down
frowning, touching on the streetlamps,
and forever lit stores,
the dim light hides the years,
on all the faded whores.

The city sleeps in these tired hours,
stars hiding,
wilted flowers,
behind a curtain of purple smoke I,
try not to cry yet,
droplets of
blood from my fingers,
salty like the tears,
I've repressed all these tears weep
for me.

My room glows softly,
with a faded light,
pale white,
from a moon already going
down the curtain of smoke it hides

Flowing like the crimson tears
from my peirced fingers
the eternal twilight
on these city streets.

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