Fall Again

Confessions on the rooftop
staring at the Starbucks, glad we're not there
finally, after wishing you could read my mind
you kissed me.

You're either really sincere
or really good at making us girls fall
philosophical tongue softly probing mine
I felt pretty for once.

We talked about things bigger than us
offered to walk me home.
Sharing a 40 oz and a pack of cigarettes
it doesn't get better than this.

A kiss, just a kiss
no wandering hands no suggestions
remember, playing pennies in your room
I could walk to your house

I could walk up the hill 
knock on your door but
it's late, you're probably sleeping
or drunk... or both.

I waited for two hours hoping
you'd show, incidentally
smile and hug me maybe
kiss me again.

We could go to the roof again
stare at the stars and talk again
get drunk again
fall again.

(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

My Subliminal Guide To Insanity