False Salvation

Do you remember, 
June, three years ago?
Something about you 
kept me coming
something about your voice
kept me there.

Moving onto summer,
the moon went from full to new
and back again,
sunlight faded behind the trees,
then fallen leaves,
I was alone.

My first I love you,
our first good-bye.

Do you remember
winter, later that year?
Curled in my covers,
phone lines tangled 
around my heart...
My happiest since.

March, remember?
Your last letter, three pages.
Words, round and awkward.
One last testament of what we were.
Somewhere, somehow
your "I love you" became a habit...

Lipservice I love you
another good-bye.

Do you remember
Atlanta, next winter?
Numb feet, warm hands, I thought 
I had a fighting chance.
You talked about moving to LA.
You talked in "Us" again..

Your last I love you,
one more good-bye.

Joshua, my salvation,
Joshua, it took me three years, but
I'll admit the lies. 
That feeling of unrest I felt
with every "I'm sorry I didn't call"
or write... or...

Do you remember,
South Carlina, this spring?
In your element again.
Through your smoke, I saw you
through you hands, I felt you.

And finally, I realized.
You are only 
my strongest adddiction,
and there could be no prediction
of when I'd break me of you.
So the the day I left,

...my last I love you,
and my last good-bye.

(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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