Flames On The Mirror

I stare into the silver depths,

studying my glowing face.

Reflected in my eyes,

all of the pain that lies within my heart.

I see you my love.

The fires of hell spring up behind me,

Satan's fiery finger runs down my spine,

The heat kisses my sweating neck,

and salted tears pool in my mirrored eyes.

I stare into the silver depths,

a looking glass into a paralell universe,

maybe where things are fair.

Where my burning love,

is slaked day by day,

not by my tears

not by my blood,

but by your gentle hand.

The flames of my hell,

creep upon the edges of the mirror,

snaking softly in a witches dance,

slowly burning away my reflection until all there is

is what I once knew,

and what I know now.

I knew love,

I knew smiles and kindness,

I knew the feeling of acceptance,

and clarity of mind.

Now I know hate,

frowns of dissaproval and cold shoulders.

I know of not fitting in,

and of confusion.

Satan by my side,

I face the world,

frantically searching for my G-d again.

My G-d, save me please.

A snake is curled in wait,

in my broken heart,

waiting for the right moment to strike.

I stare into the silver depths,

looking for what I once knew.

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