Stars and suns whirl in a dance of yellow light,
red and brown like leaves falling, left to right

manical laughter weaves, it drips
and words pour out my fingertips.

the moon falls into the tar filled ocean,
reflecting pale, darkened emotion

turn my face up to the smoke filled sky,
clouded with confusion, half truths, full lies

Twisted words fall back on me,
and my tears of encase monotony

my love, my love, in the palm of my hand,
liquid filled, burning sand

to extinguish it would be to lie
but lack thereof would make me die

so I burn, 
so I yearn,

for my love across land, love across water,
the fire's in my hand, becoming ever hotter,

empty eyes staring at the fire burning,
the black ocean sedately churning

and my obsession still burns, flames and flesh bicker
upon hate upon love

it flickers.

(c) 1999 by Laura. All rights reserved.

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