Free Of You

Grapple for a hold,
as uncertain as it may be,
on my tentative  reality...
Your relationship hang-ups
are getting on my nerves,
you're still in love with her,
and I realized tonight its not my fault
and I'm not going to let it 
affect my life from here on out,
you don't seem to realize,
what this is all about
You don't bring me anything but down,
a while ago I thought I would drown
in all this pain and strife
and yes, I love you more than life,
and yes, if you asked for me back,
I'd probably go,
but as of now,
my tears have ceased to flow,
and my world is so full of life,
and I see now
theres so much joy to be uncovered,
and yet you hide behind your pot smoke,
and your alchohol, I hope you choke
if you could only see,
how incredibly beautiful life can be,
even if you're sober.
You said everything reminds you of her
and even if its over
well everything reminds me of you,
you seem to think your problems
make you less mortal
but in truth it makes you more human
than you could ever understand.
And you think you're such a man,
but in reality you're a little boy,
dressed up in daddy's work clothes,
I don't want to be your mother,
and I *really* dont want to be your shrink,
everytime I talk to you,
my joy sinks to the bottom of hell,
you tell me all your problems, time after time
and then don't listen to mine,
grunting at random intervals
with the basketball game on mute,
you might dispute
your disinterest,
I know you care,
I know you love me,
but you know what?
I'm free of the supposed eternal binds of love 
that kept me a tear stained slave to pain 
and I am
I am fucking tired,
of dealing with your relationship issues and
and no matter how hard I try
when when I'm done you just turn to weed,
let me plant this seed,
in that fine mind of yours...
I'm not one of your whores
and you're very quickly
losing me.

. . . see you around.

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