Gir Scout to Barbie Doll

Creeping, seeping, into my body,
I lost my true self when I decided to be loved.
Now I rebel.
So I'm a bitch because to speak my mind?
Because I decided that being superficial,
just wasn't my style?
Fuck you all you stupid sluts,
burn in hell with your morals.
Pluck this, shave that,
wax this, lipo that,
starve away the real you,
am I the only one trying to be true?
Oh you have a date?
No, you can't be late
tell me how it goes love.
With your perfectly plucked eyebrows,
vivacious in your lie,
with hairless legs and red eyes.
Line your pale lips,
with ice blue mauve,
plaster your greasy hair,
to your head and be on your way.
Don't forget to line your eyes,
with thick black paint,
see Jane stoned.
And most important remember a condom,
cause you used to be
a Girl Scout happy and free,
and Girl Scouts are always prepared.

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