Give Me

Give me passion, 
hotter than Sun,
give me a heart, 
that can't break,

give me a laugh,
that's never done,
give me a good-bye
that never aches.

Give me a love,
that never expires,
give me an angel
that cannot fall,

Give me a lover
that never tires,
give me a tear
that means nothing at all.

Give me a river
too wide to cross,
give me a mountain
too high to climb,

give me a love
that never means loss,
give me water
that turns into wine.

Give me a promise
that never is broken,
give me Truth
that never dies,

give me a evil
gone unspoken,
give me "perfection"
not ridden with lies.

Give me a human
devoid of all sin,
give me a push
that never comes to shove,

give me a kiss
then give it again,
and in turn 
I will give you my love.

(c) 2000 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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