Gray Coffee

Staring blankly at a half empty coffee cup,
she wanders irresolutely through a world of what-ifs,
the remaining coffee crusts over,
and she finally lets herself,
feel a little
An empty world with empty eyes,
empty hearts and empty minds,
she's dying inside,
and she finally lets herself,
be mad a little.
Walking on the side of the street,
slushing mindlessly through the muddy gutters,
people look her over and she shudders with the cold,
and she finally lets herself, 
be sad a little.
When you're young you assume,
just where you're gonna be
but she knows now you can never see whats ahead,
and she finally lets herself, 
cry a little.
And well she's still young,
she walks along, sad and free,
on a sidewalk four hundred and twenty feet high,
she looks up to the slate gray sky,
and jumps into the flooded street,
water snapping at her feet,
and runs far away.
And still she wanders, and still she stares,
and maybe sometimes,
finally letting herself, 
smile a little.

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