Hey Alaska

Hey Alaska, won't you tell me
just who you cry your troubles to?
Hey Alaska, I've been thinking...
how it's been so long, this time around.

Hey Alaska, my arms and heart
can only reach so far.
Hey Alaska, did you know
I'm not as strong as I used to be?

Hey Alaska, how's the weather?
You know, it seems much colder here.
Hey Alaska, since you've gone so far,
are you finally, finally free?

Hey Alaska, Ventura Boulevard
just isn't the same without you.
Hey Alaska, did you know
it hurts when you're not here.

Hey Alaska, I thought forever
was at least a long while.
Hey Alaska, this just isn't
where we intended to be.

Hey Alaska, this white silence
muffles memories of eight long years.
Hey Alaska, sweet Alaska...
it's been too long this time around

(c) 2003 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

I love you Resna... forever and always.

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