Homicidal Monster

This has nothing to do with my life at all, I just felt like writing it.

One by one I watched as they fell,
into the fire of thier own hell
I smiled for I didn't care,
the fire burned thier perfect hair.

All the years the best shampoo,
designer clothes and diet food.
Went down the drain in a single flame,
maybe now they'll have thier fame.

Friendship is such a petty word,
overused and too long heard.
Thier blood was singed as it dripped,
from thier bodies their clothes were ripped.

Eyes turned dead in the raging fire,
a homicidal funeral pyre.
Thier screams died within the day,
I'll remember them in every way.

As spoiled rotten with one thing in mind,
to ruin my life while being "kind".
People say I'm sick in the head,
all because I wished them dead.

Friends are just enemies in disguise,
be careful of the plans they may devise.
I sit in this padded room,
white as I realize my doom.

They put me here so I couldn't kill,
but I'll get out and then I will.
I'll murder the doctors dressed in white,
laughing as they try to fight.

The blood will seep into a stain,
they will understand my pain.

I'll kill the smiling nurses fair,
I'll rip out thier dyed blonde hair.
And watch my hands as they slowly block,
the air in their throats behind a door thats locked.

And I'll smile as I murder the world,
in a nightgown my brown hair curled.
For I am the monster that screams "Boo!"
Watch out my loves the next might be you. 

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