Hope's Escape

Touch the dawn in hope's escape,
never think of what's at stake,
the price of all the love we make,
beneath the sun filled sky.

Touch the sun in hope's escape,
hope today it's not too late,
to ressurect, bring love from hate.
Lie beneath this clouded sky.

Touch the clouds in hope's escape, 
dream of what-could-be fate,
more than just this give and take,
within a sunset sky.

Touch the setting sun in hope's escape,
and pray to God, I won't complicate,
whatever plans, in store to date,
beneath a moonlit sky.

Touch the moon in hope's escape,
close my eyes in soft debate.
I wonder if it's only faith
that keeps the stars within sky.

Touch the stars in hope's escape,
feel my heart slowly, break.
Lay my love to unkind fate,
below twilight sky.

Touch the night in hope's escape,
miss the sun that set too late,
but I hold fast, in hard wrought faith.
Tomorrow, the sun will light our sky.

(c) 1999 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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