I Do Believe in Love

I do believe in love.
I have tasted, through damp flesh,
wet, with sweat and tears,
laced with the taste of true kisses.

I have held a face,
drowned in the gentlest of eyes.
Floating in pools of liquid brown
flecked with amber and good-bye.

I have tangled myself
in the timeline of our sheets.
Still, writing some beautiful story
we were so sure would never end.

I have held a hand 
that moved me
from between the rock of my pain
and the hard place of my heart.

We've built too many walls,
and burned too many bridges.
Two roads converged in California,
and he took the one that meant the end.

Time pushes onward,
he made his final farewell,
and one day, I'll make mine.
...But still, I do believe in love.

(c) 2003 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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