I Guess

innocent you,
and of all times, this is when you choose,
to be sweet,
when I was building up my wall of hate,
between cold and heat,
I guess it seems I'm going to lose,
this time, but only this time...
course I said that last week,
and the week before,
and all those days after you left me,
for a "first love",
for a whore.
No I shouldn't say that,
she wasn't... I guess,
I guess I need to lash out at someone,
anyone but you,
fearful lest,
I should lose you more than I already did,
keep the lid on it,
and I'll keep on smiling,
when inside I'm crying,
and I'll be your angel,
I'll be whatever you need...
problem is, you're never greedy,
you'll never take what you can't give,
even though you know,
I'd be happy to live giving you everything, 
(I guess I'll never learn)
I'd give you anything,
expecting nothing in return.
And I've tried so hard to forget you,
I guess maybe I don't really want to,
maybe I don't really know,
I guess

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