I Was Sixteen

I was sixteen, when I realized
life wasn't fair.
When I realized that God, 
is a neglectful parent sometimes,

And the children 
are all too often,
left to fend 
for themselves.

I was sixteen 
when my boyfriend's best friend
forced himself inside me
and left a piece to grow.

I was sixteen
when I told him,
barely four weeks later.
I had nowhere else to run.

I was sixteen
when the punches fell like rain,
on a tear stained face 
and a heaving chest.

Bruises and welts, 
quickly forming.
Then one final mightly blow.
The sound of death.

Bleeding and broken, 
a few more kicks for good luck.
I never saw either of them 

I was sixteen 
when I buried my baby.
You can kill someone
even if they still breathe.

That the soul 
can still leave,
though everything else
seems fine.

I was sixteen
when the world shifted,
when his fist, lifted,
became my greatest fear.

I was

(c) 2002 by (++Laura++). All rights reserved.

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