Just Another Lover

Your eyes turn 
into wreathes of green smoke,
drifting up towards a broken sky.
Love held in apathetic aftermath,
pretending it never was.

You are rhyme, but no reason.
The epitome of my silence.
Tasting you through my palms,
and the shaky circumference 
of my bones.

Beads of sweat run 
like dilapidated diamonds down your face.
Something in your kiss changed me,
your hands remolded me.
Under your gaze, I am reborn.

I expected different.
I expected lightening to strike behind your pupils,
or stars to spill from your mouth,
or white fire inside me, but still...
you lurk behind my eyelids when I dream.

Tell me, what was it about her
that you can't find solace in me?
What was it
in her chaotic spiral down to your heartbreak
that holds you so tightly?

The city is so quiet tonight.
A broken sky rains darkness,
and your eyes drift up,
wreathes of smoke
into the clouds of my mind.

(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

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