Lamb To The Slaughter

My friends tell me
I'm oversexed and underscrewed
how long as it been... 
a day? maybe two?

And you seem ot think your finger in me
will make me want your cock later on
rock me roughly from the inside
make me cry till early dawn.

And now you're on top of me
I feel the weight of the world pressing
onto your shoulders, now onto me
as you begin confessing

your fucked-up childhood
thats why you prey on teenaged girls
I know you're really not that old...
its just terribly illegal in this world.

Its so dark in your house
I guess you can't see my tears
I could leave if I really anted to
but I stay despite my fears.

So like a lamb to the slaughter
I lay in quiet repose
my silence is my aquiescense
or so you suppose.

You push my head down
over the mushroom tip of your erection
into the vacuum of my lungs
my thoughs change direction.

I gave you head in the theatre
nestled in the folds of your coat
felt your ego rise with your semen
shoot to the back of my throat.

And if this wasn't so fucking ridiculous
it could be a low budget porn
"teen sluts go down everywhere"
while old men jack off in scorn

because as long as it isn't their little girl
as long as it isn't their daughter
they are content to let the other innocents
lay like lambs to the slaughter.

And I'm sorry if this offends you
if you're the exception not the rule
I apologize for generalizing
but my words are just a tool

But every tool is a weapon
you just have to hold it right
so here you are screwing me
hope you don't go all night.

So here I am full of your ego
so this is what it is to be free
this is insane, get the fuck off
no you moron, get off of me!

(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

My Subliminal Guide To Insanity