Lament Of Long Distance Love

The abyss of pain that envelopes,
	my crying dying soul,
	cries out for love silently,
	leaving my unwhole.
Words of past emotions,
	but memories in my mind,
	gone in a wisp of smoke,
	dissapeared I cannot find.
Tears no longer fall from my eyes,
	smiles no longer play upon my face,
	now blood falls upon the snow white tile,
	into a diferent time and different place.
Your love no longer lingering,
	in my broken heart,
	you took it in a second,
	when you knew we'd be apart.
You said not to love you,
	in a voice of bitter need,
	you won't admit it but on my heart,
	you ravenously feed.
My blood washed away your pain,
        my tears cleansed your soul,
        but now you stare past me with deadened eyes,
        leaving me shivering in the cold.
I always loved you and always will,
        though I might hide it with endeless endeavors
        you can pretend not to see me in the halls,
        but I love yo always and forever.

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