Last Day Of Middle School

The last day of school. The last day of Middle school. Finally I can say that I am in high school. Well sort of. You would think I would be happy on this late spring day, but I'm not. Most of my friends were crying, I cried for about 1 minute, but I don't know if it was to get attention, or because I was really sad.

I wrote and entire page in his yearbook after swiping it from his locker. I basically told him sorry and goodbye, and have a nice life. Between the front cover and the first page I placed a simple note saying "I'm sorry, Love, Laura"

This morning I gave him my yearbook to sign. Last year he worte, "Dear Laura, Despite what you think I enjoyed spending time with you this year." He wrote an entire page or more in Caressa's, Melissa's, and Liza's. Of corse, I wasn't expecting a novel. We've never had that kind of realtionship.

When I got it back, I didn't look at it for a while. Finally I opened my yearbook. It said "Dear Laura, We've been through a lot. You know the story but seriously I have enjoyed the friendship we've managed to maintain. Hope we keep in touch." And then, the real heart wrencher. "Sorry"

I felt hollow all day. The sun shone on my face and heated my jeans to the point where I was burning but I didn't feel anything. I didn't love him the way I did anymore, but I had hoped to hold onto the last shard, the last piece of friendship we had left.

The bell rang and the entire school poured from the doors. Everyone was hugging, everyone was crying. I was hugging. I had just finished hugging Melissa, when I turned around and saw him. I spread my arms hoping to fill the hole in my heart, only to recieve a typical-of-him hug. Cold comfort on that warm spring day. I walked away, heart heavy. I knew we wouldn't keep in touch. A tear slipped down my cheek.

Suddenly Landon appeared out of the crowd and I gave him a hug. I said "I'm crying" He answered "no you're not" and flicked the tear away. I smiled.

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