Links To My Friends Pages and Others

Jessica's Homepage-The Battiest site on the Web!: A collection of quotes, fan fic from X-files and Sliders, links to shipper and other pages, and some very good short stories all by my bud Jessica.
Caressa's Poetry Castle: A whole bunch of completely wicked links, poetry, and pics all created and collected by my best friend 'Ressa
Quotes By Me And Other Less Significant People: A bunch of quotes I made and collected. Pretty cool actually.
Hooray For Hollywood Poetry: A bunch of really good poems by someone I don't know.
Picture/Artwork Site: I have collected these from the web. If they are yours and you don't want them on my page e-mail me and let me know. I'll remove it immediately.
Adbusters Headquarters: A site dedicated to breaking out of the consumerist mode that society has lured us all into. Really cool.
Assembling The Pineapple: Site about how to become at peace with yourself by my friend Christina

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