Love In Green

Society's collective words,
flow like glue,
slowly clogging my ears.
I try to be practical,
I try to be true,
I tell myself you will never love me.

But you have my heart,
and my tears fall like acid rain,
washing away the blood,
on the bathroom floor.

I read magazines,
glossy pages jump out at me,
how you're not good enough,
for my love.

I don't know what to do,
so I sit with my back turned,
to the morals that I knew,
to the people I once loved,
and throw myself into a pit of pain.

shots of electric negativity,
shoot out of my unfeeeling eyes,
I'm tired of being known,
as the smart nice, fat girl.

Walking down the halls,
pasting smiles on my made up face,
pretending I don't care
when every night my tears fall.

Do you think,
I wear those long sleeves because I'm cold?
I'm hiding the scars you idiot,
you used to care,
but now you scorn me,
and I ponder how come,
I can love for so long,
and so much.

I watch you both,
in G-d's spotlight,
thats me in the corner,

Satan my only company 
I scream.
But no one hears.
Farther into the black tunnel I fall,
but I don't care anymore.

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