Loving An Angel

Soft infusion of ragged memories,
and of those still yet to come,
blended by tears of sadness,
not quite yet dried by the sun.

The blues and reds of pain and joy
sink slowly through my soul
scarring silently through weeks and days,
deep damage still untold.

A million words could not express,
the clich'ed teenage angst that drains,
upon my soul, my heart, my mind,
there's nothing left to gain...

...but everything in the world to lose,
all my hopes seem out of sight,
my emotions subjected to daily abuse,
where have you gone my angel bright?

You flew away this morning
further away than you were before
my angel bright, where are you now?
I can't feel you anymore.

Through this soft infusion
of memories and those not yet made,
I have come to realize,
this love will never fade.

And through this joy and through this pain,
though this heaven and through this hell
not only do I love you more,
because of you, I love myself.

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