Manic Depressive Heart (or penis)

The random moderation,
tears falling from the corners of my eyes,
or exuberant smiles.
neither belies,

the ragged feelings soaked 
in oil and set aflame.
Too subtle for your 
french-fried brain,

my emotions rocket 
from East to West,
never intact, 
least to best.

My laughter and my cries
no matter in truth or lying,
as quick as they come 
my tears are drying,

now a maniacal grin 
will quickly replace
the trembling frown 
on my pale face

it could be aversion to the loss of self control 
that goes hand in hand, with love and sex and lust,
could be, could not
...maybe I'll just have to trust...

the heart the teeters to hell and back,
from a smile to a frown,
...should I put my trust in an organ without a brain?
you do...only yours is lower down.

(c) 1998 by Laura. All Rights Reserved

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