Mindful Retreat

Dimly lit foggy nights,
daring to reveal summers gloom,
Mooshine gives way
to a chilly morning
air so still,
I can hear it breathe,
sweaty undertone,
a reminder of
the day to come
burning, sunshine churning
in my already blinded eyes,
is it a surprise I can't love you?
You're so
you seem so innocent but I don't
buy it,
I'm not so sure when I stare at your sleeping face,
if this is the right choice...
You seem to think I'm some kind of angel,
your savior, I'm nothing of the sort,
I might have to abort,
this fetus of a love affair,
finally you wake,
to early morning light,
say "morning angel bright"
I force a smile,
and in my mind,
I leave.

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