No More

The more shit I do,
the harder it is to feel bad,
and the more tears I don't cry,
the harder it is to feel sad.
I'm just empty empty,
No more tears no more smiles,
I stare at the sun across the miles,
no more love or hate,
you can try to help me but you're way too late
Sometimes I tear up but I think it's allergies,
Don't like what I was,
or what I've become,
I just keep staring at the sun,
My emptiness dominates,
what's left of my heart,
no room for the love I had for you,
it's still there, but I can't feel it anymore
what the hell am I living for.
Too easy to die,
too hard to live,
I've given all I have to give,
I won't cry out for your help,
not anymore I pretended
to be happy long enough so you can say you didn't suspect,
my one hidden defect,
while all the others were out in the open,
that I wanted to die,
you can lie and said I never talked about it,
you can cry and said I never even seemed sad,
you all talk about death like it's bad....
it's not though, no
it's simply natures way of fucking with my head,
just enough to eliminate me from the gene pool,
so my fucked up thoughts don't contaminate, 
your G-ddamned fuzzy logic,
I'm not a fucking project
no more inkblot cards,
no more pills they won't fix me,
ya'll are trying to trick me into thinking
I can be normal,
well what if I don't want to be normal,
what if I like being insane,
what if I enjoy being deranged,
what if I don't want to change?
no more no more,
no more me.

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