One Last Time

One last time I'll say I love you,
One last time I'll cry away my pain,
I'll keep it tightly bottled up,
while I silently scream your name.
Your promises mean nothing now,
as my hearts slowly breaks away,
I know now we were not meant to be
but it didn't always seem this way.
One last time I'll dream of you
one last time I'll wish for you so selfishly,
one last time I plan our life together,
the life that will never be.
You were my sky, my world, my life,
in a second now it's gone,
I thought "not knowing" was the worst,
how could I be so wrong?
Sometimes I wish I could hate you,
as I burn in my self inflicted hell,
I wish that I could hate her too,
but now I only hate myself.
I hate myself for falling in love,
with a dream that won't come true,
my angel bright that shone so dear,
never again will you say "I love you too"
your accent will always make me smile,
even as my  heart is breaking,
without you I'm so vulnerable,
now I'm good for the taking.
The dreams of you making love to me
of living in matrimonial bliss,
of having children, growing old,
have all amounted to this?
You made me fall in love with you,
your sweet words echo in my heart and ears,
your love soothed my agitated heart,
and silenced all my fears.
Now I stand cold and alone,
to face the daily grind,
and so my love I say this now,
I say "I love you" 
one               last                time.

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