On The Wings Of A Butterfly

The night is dark and the moon is bright,
Her eyes shiver with screaming light,
It's cruel world to live in today,
She's a little girl, trying to say,


I'm trying to fly away,
Away way up high,
I can't remember how to,
Fly on the wings of a butterfly.

She met a man not long ago,
Or it might have been, she doesn't know,
Her mind is blurred she can't remember,
It happened once upon a cold December.

He gave her rainbows in a box,
Purple fire and candied rocks.
The little girl strayed so far away,
Even now you can hear her say.


She's on the bottom of an hourglass,
Her next breath may be her last,
He's got her in the palm of his hand,
She's sinking in the yellow sand.

Her face is white and filled with pain,
The clouds are dark, when will it rain?
Wake her up from her dream
Listen, can you hear her scream?


She's beats her wings all in vain,
The clouds are darker now, it's begun to rain,
It washes her dirt off, but little more,
Who's she trying for?

Her heart is black and travel worn,
Her wings are broken and they're torn.
her tears are gone, they're all dry,
listen, can you hear her cry?


Her face is slack and peaceful now,
As peaceful as she would allow,
Her hands are crossed over her breast,
No breath stirs in her chest.

Thr little girl is all gone,
she's suffered hard, and so long,
her body is no longer beaten and sore,
but you can't hear her crying anymore.


The night is dark and the moon is bright,
Her eyes shivered with screaming light,
she has finally flown away,
listen carefully, you might hear her say.

I kept on trying to fly away,
Far away way up high,
I couldn't remeber how to fly
But finally I flew on the wings of a butterfly.

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