Peeking Out

Deep inside my protective shell,
my so called closet,
I've about lost it holding it in,
this life is hell.
My future dark and impending,
so you say I'm pretending,
ever thought YOU might be wrong?
...just cause my hair's kinda long,
and I happen to still like guys,
I see myself through your eyes,
and I'm not liking what I see.
I'm peeking out of the darkness,
still afraid of what vibes I'm sending,
no I'm NOT doing it to be trendy.
Yeah, I've been threatened and hit,
I've taken so much shit,
just so I can be cool right?
You just keep telling yourself that,
You can slap me around,
but you can't hold me down,
I'm leaving and never looking back,
maybe I'll cry but I won't let you see,
I'm tired of just peeking out,
at the world, at what I could be.
I have one foot out now,
I'm a step closer to happiness,
but I'll keep this door open fearful less,
I should need a place to hide,
it's been my place where I've cried,
I'm not quite ready to be completely,
out of the sea of heterosexual anonymity,
so I'm peeking out,
and waiting.

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