Prostitute's Life

I speak my words and clouds tremble,
my heart beats and I cry
you say that you don't love,
but I don't believe you.

I'm walking like a brick on stilts,
the world bounces before my eyes,
under closed lids light fractures,
and falls in pieces in my hands.

I sleep on a diferent couch every night,
someone elses semen in my mouth
this life tastes of clotted salt,
where'd you go love, where'd you go?

Cheap hotel rooms and Motel 6 coffee,
cling to my hair and eyelashes,
pushing on the street corners,
"you want some baby?"

I stand alone on the highway,
thumbing yet another ride,
I'm coming home love,
I just hope you're there.

Note: No relevance to my life whatsoever.

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