School Dayz

when you got nothing left,
and your old friends say you've changed,
and your new friends say well,
well nothing cause they're stoned every day,
you know you life is screwed.
And I am wandering along the halls,
fading into obscurity,
blending into the graying walls,
while steam rises from the pavement,
silently stalking what was there.
Stupid people write stupid poems,
about how this guy likes a girl,
and how it sucks.
I used to be stupid,
but hey maybe I still am.
In a man's world I'm a woman by birth,
and all of my dreams are washed out with Tide and hung out to dry,
Only 14 and I feel a hundred,
I see the smilng toothpicks walking
arm in arm with thier piece of steak,
having trouble chewing thier gum.
Well I'm screwed.

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