You have
too many memories too many
dates you remember 
holding my hand recounting
every bruise
every splinter
every winter spent alone.
Blue eyes turgid with tears
my heart

you held me... or rather... I held you
whispered how I wished
I could take away your hurt.
Where is your god now?
Your omnipotent wonder that heals you
your one "saving grace" that
holds you close with
unconditional love.

Five years of scars lace your eyes
until jaded tears cradled in your cheeks
slip slowly into your palms
why do I love (love?)
these fallen ones that burrow
into my spine.

A thought... better off?
The ring I made you
on your finger
love folded into the creases (love?)
fumble for words
you recite dates.
Weeping now alone in my room
dimly lit by early sunrise
my bedsheets hold cold wonder
your eyes... your eyes...
I hate the world for doing this to you

you have
too many scars crowded
on your shoulders weighing you
to nothingness
weighing memories
carved into your face
carry the reminder
of many a love that cut you
until you cried out
and yet I still remain

my wrists bear the stigmata of sin
ask your god
to give you more than I can
ask him to answer your tears and prayers
with something other
than thickset silence.
hand extended
I wait.

(c) 2000 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

My Subliminal Guide To Insanity