Strings Attatched

My veins ache,
blood sucked out then replaced,
with light so bright,
subtley sparkling,
dazzlingly yellow,
well hello,
I think I've seen you somewhere before,
maybe in a daydream,
pale in the morning sun,
eyes like emeralds fallen,
from angels hands,
I can hear my mind calling,
screaming for a retreat,
but my heart beats,
just a little faster when you appear,
and so far theres nothing to fear...
you're just so innocent and smiling,
I just want to corrupt you sometimes,
when I see you,
you seem so fucking shy,
I could love you, I really could,
if you would let me I know I would,
you're just so sweet,
yet my mind orders a retreat,
my heart protests in quiet tones,
and my life drones on black and white,
so I watch you,
and wait.

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