TV Land

Once upon a time in a land far away,
the overflowing cheesiness of life seemed normal.
Perfect family lives,
were what was right.
Moms in high heels, polyester print dresses and pearls,
cooked 6 course meals,
while neatly polished teens politely asked to pass the broccoli.
And Dads in middle class gray flannel buisness suits read the evening news,
and Tommy played with his little red wagon,
and Sally played with her dolls.
The biggest problem was if Hank asked Patty to the dance,
instead of Nancy.
Prepackaged lives written up,
where no one ever yells or hits or drinks,
where no one ever shoots up or smokes,
or even go to the bathroom.
The only thing thats the same as my life is,
mom and dad don't sleep together.

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