Three Days

Three days, three days,
three days of alleviation,
from the vaccuum the abyss that remains,
in my once healing, though sloppily bandaged heart.
Through kisses and pleasures,
you kept me sane for
three days,
the whirlwind has stopped,
to a deadening silence,
an eternal pause without warning,
now it's just boring.
and I wonder why...
sometimes I wish I could fly,
away from the drudgery of mortality,
..from reality I suppose.
I didn't love you,
I suppose it was a rebound effect,
and yet I bite my lip to keep my tears down.
maybe I'll drown 
in uncried pain
You say you're "not ready"
and once again my ever dull,
ever steady world is upset,
tenderly thrown into a blender,
and cut and mashed to a sweet bloody pulp,
I gulp it down grimacing...
...bitter sweet.
three days,
only three days,
and yet and yet,
I still cry.

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