Tired Of Understanding

I understand,
you have a life outside of this love,
I understand,
when push comes to shove
that I'm important to you,
I try to understand the complicated emotions that weave thier way,
into your soul and into mine,
you can't talk?
Well fine, you know I understand.
You call me angel,
and late at night when I cry,
myself to sleep I remember that and my tears subside,
looking back I see that "spark" might have died.
If it was just your schoolwork,
If it was just your increasing circle of loyalties and enemies,
If it was just the fact I'm incredibly posessive and jealous,
I would understand, for the latter is my fault only,
The rest I would understand easily...
But together,
no love, not all at once.
They say if you REALLY love something you should set it free,
and if it comes back,
it was meant to be.
Is that freedom important to you love,
should I set you free to see,
if this is real or just an emotional fling that pulls me apart,
the one real thing in my life of cyberspace and ragged hearts
my angel that pulled me out of the cess pool where I grew,
this feeling is new I know.
My thighs have been involved in many accidents,
and now I can't feel secure and I don't need to be lured by you.
Should I set you free my love?
Would you come back love?
Should I, would you?
Would I, should you?....
.......can I?
.......could you?

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