Electric blue trails follow my vision,
in diamod like prescision,
cutting through the darkness,
showing me what once was there.
Stay if you dare,
as I'm trying to decide,
if I shouldn't just give up,
I'm walking alone,
talking to myself,
barefoot at 3 am along this suburban street,
trembling under the touch I'll never feel
remembering the voice that breaks me,
heel toe heel toe,
I stare at the concrete,
whispering obscenties to a smoky sky,
I feel like I could die tomorrow,
if I could be with you tonight,
its hours until the early morning light breaks through,
slender blue wires dance before my eyes,
It seems I'm the only one who tries to keep us going,
and tonight, finally,
my tears are flowing,
in the cold I tremble,
staring now at towering trees,
mere shadows in my life,
...heart palipitating irregularly,
from cold and pain,
memories flutter softly,
brutally registering after they slice away at my grief,
it would be such a relief,
to never have to think of you,
to hate you,
but it would hurt to much to try,
so why 

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