Two Roads-One Heart

I've always had,
two choices throughout my life,
no more no less,
leading either to pain,
or happiness but until one or the other was taken,
I lived in fear I could be mistaken,
but I suppose everything,
turned out for the best.
Today I have two choices,
no more, no less,
both leading to a certain, different pain,
to the left,
I can cut off all contact,
forget you ever lived, ever loved me,
and I you,
forget the joy, forget the tears, I can,
wash my mind of any memory of you,
and be empty tonight.
To the right,
I can continue to take only what you give me,
as well meaning as you are,
bite my tongue in misery,
trying not to cry,
I can talk to you everyday,
and feel my heart break again each time,
and love you until you realize,
you were meant for me and
I for you.
I have two choices,
two roads
and standing still,
is not an option anymore.

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