When I Look

I believe in so little these days.
it's hard not to trip
hard not to fall.
Vulnerability by moonlight,
hand holding heartbreaks by day,
grinning kisses against smiling lips
rejection's frostbite, 
dead flesh, frozen stiff.

And every night turns to wanting you
and the womb of your embrace
Head back in soft exstacy.
But you know,
I'd do it all again,
only to have you here with me tonight,
when the ache turns to a throb,
when the moon rises and I sit,
alone wanting you.

I still remember
one last kiss by the light of dusk,
did I ever tell you that sometimes 
I can't breathe when I look at you.	
(c) 2001 by (++)Laura(++). All Rights Reserved

My Subliminal Guide To Insanity