Why Is It My Fault?

 You say this country's fair,
 well then WHY THE FUCK is it ok for,
 a bunch of guys to run me down and scare the shit out of me?
 You say they didn't commit a crime?
 Why am I shaking and trying not to cry,
 You think its fun to hide in a bush while they look for you?
 being called a ho by figures in a car shrouded in shadows?
 not knowing where your best friend is,
 she may be already hurt who knows?
 My hearts still beating cause I realized,
 just how vulnerable I am,
 even if I'm not pretty I'm still a girl,
 and you know what THAT means,
 But, shhhhh.
 You can't tell anyone because they'll get to worried,
 momma won't let me go out,
 daddy'll be paranoid,
 because four hormone ridden penises decided it would be fun,
 to chase me through a parking lot,
 but it's my fault right?
 Cause I was out when the sun wasn't,
 and I was wearing a sleeveless shirt,
 you know guys can't help it.
 yeah right.

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