With You

Trembling involuntarily under your hesitant touch
I breathe to keep my quiet calm,
in this room, in this bubble of sorts
I feel loved,
I feel wanted
I guess I should have confronted
you today.
And I guess you couldn't see or feel,
the tears that fell on your skin,
is this such a sin...?
And so they flow,
(your eyes were closed I know)
mixing with other waters,
fixing on my heart and mind,
look longer, look closer, harder you'll find,
you'll see the grit filled pain in my eyes,
and I'll see right through your lies,
the lies I so want to believe,
that we have a chance to be together,
maybe not forever I hope,
but for a while,
so head down I walk another mile,
and I talk to myself,
arguing through logical explanations,
bite my lip, trying ot maintain my grip,
on my false reality.
...but for the while it's fun
I guess I'll let you know,
let you know when I'm done.
(with you)

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