You Say

You say,
that you love me.
You say you wanna hold me but,
that's what you say.

You don't answer my letters,
I need to know you're real,
I need to know you really are alive,
cause I don't know how I feel.

Hearts touching over distances,
Never seen eye to eye,
face to face it doesn't matter,
if this is all a lie.

Tell me that you are real,
tell me that you're true,
lyings bad it fucks up lives,
don't let it fuck you too.

My mind is in a fever,
my heart is so long gone,
it's been left cold so many times,
it won't keep beating for very long.

He left me long ago,
if he ever was truly mine,
which he wasn't but thats besides the point,
you need to give me a sign.

You say you love me,
and I got a lot to lose,
and I'm betting high,
so I begging you,
be true.

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